We Waited So Long

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
We Waited So Long

** This Is My First Story EVER**

As i slide into my jeans, i look at myself in the mirror and groan. "This will do", i thought to myself. I was about to go to lunch, with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, Emily. As i grab my car keys, and head to the door, my phone rang. It was Emily.
" Drakes dumped me", she cried, "he said he has another girl, can i come over?"
"Of course, ill get the wine out, come right over honey." i replied, feeling sorry for her. Drakes never been good for her. Hes always had a sexxxx video ful hd way of making her cry, theyve been together almost a year, and they fight so often, its hard not to wanna tell her to get rid of his sorry ass.
I get the wine, n 2 wine glasses out, turn on the stereo, and turn on our favourite band, Paramore. Not Long after changing into skirt and singlet, the door knocks. I rush to the door, ready to console my best friend. "im sorry, Emily. He always does this to you." i said, as i reach towards her for a hug. i guide her to the couch, and pour her a wine. I could tell then and there, she wasnt here for a chat n boy talk. She looked like a wild animal, about to rip apart her prey.

"Are you ok, Emily?" i aksed, a little weary of what the reply would be.
"Ive wanted you, for so long now, Scarlett." she replied looking down, a little embarrased im guessing. I couldnt reply, i was stunned, i couldnt deny that ive wanted her either, everytime she takes her top off to try one of mine on, made my /panties/panties-wet/">panties wet. Her body was flawless, and her breasts were perfect. All i could think about doing, was bending her over, and eating her pussy from behind. Before i could reply, Shed bent over and lightly plated a kiss on my lips. I returend the gesture.

She kissed me harder, pulling me on top of her. I could feel her grindin gher pussy in to my leg. I struggled to unbutton her shirt, but before i knew it, she had ripped it off. As i glare down at the breasts, that always seem to make my pussy throb. She asked me "Will you fuck me? Will eat u eat my pussy will i come all over your face?" With the i buried my head into her chest, taking a nipple in my mouth, rubbing my leg up against her puccy. i unbotton her jeans, and slide them off her ankles, i could feel myself getting soaked, at just the thought of having my head between her legs. I take her panties off, and im greeted by the most beautiful, clean shaven, tightest little puccy, ive ever seen.

I kiss her inner theigh, breathing in deeply so i can smell her puccy juices. They made me even more soaked. I lifted her legs up to her chest, and spread them as far as xxx sex video download free com i could. i stick 2 fingers, deep into her dripping wet puccy. then sound that came from her mouth, made me try ramming then in deeper, her hips lifted, so i can get my fingers in deeper. She reached over n grabbed the wine bottle, and moaned "Fuck Me!!". But I was in NO rush, to give her what she wanted. I have dreamt about this day for to long. Instead i take a swig of wine, and put my lips onto her pussy, and squirted wine all over her. Her back arched, and her puccy lifted towards my mouth.

By now i can tell she wants it /bad/">bad, so i lightly lick over her erect clit, making her moan a long, pleasure filled moan. i place my whole mouth over her cunt, and suck. She bucks and quivers, i can tell a oragsim is close, so i grab the wine bottle n slowly, insert it into her dripping wet puccy, n leave it there, pushing it in harder, little by little, while lapping at her.. then suddenly, she bucks, n her moan is load "oooooh, oh my fucking god, im gunna comeeeee" i take the bottle out of her and flick my tongue over her clit harder and harder.. licking u pall her come.
She lies there, breathing heavily, and giggles. "wow... just wow." she blushed..."now its your turn"