Adventures of Anita and Seema the ice breaker

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Adventures of Anita and Seema the ice breaker

 We reached home and I knew it was time to break the ice with our husbands. It had been too long that I have been fucking around and my husband didn't know about it. Obviously no one wants to tell the whole truth. At the dinner table,"ajay, seema wanted me to come over tonight for some work, would it be ok? She wants to tell vijay that she has been fuckin you!", he stopped eating and said,"what? Vijay is my /friend/best-friend/">best friend, if he knew I was fucking his wife he would be very upset", I walked up to him and said,"honey that's where I come in, I will give him a little of me and we will just call the whole thing quits", he smiled and said,"so he is gonna be fucking you tonight?" and he made sit on the table in front of him and pulled my tshirt off and started to suck my boobs and said,"enjoy the night" and we kissed and I got off the table. After dinner the phone rang and it was time for me to go.

I was wearing a black tshirt, no bra and denim hot pants. I walked up to their door and rang the bell to find seema on the door. She winked at me and we walked in together. We walked to the hall and vijay was watching tv. "hey how you doing?" he replied,"great and you?" and we sat on the sofa. Just got indulged in small chat, when seema's phone rang and she just replied yes an /hung/">hung up. "Honey I need to be somewhere so is that ok if I leave you here with Anita?" and he smiled and said,"thats fine don't worry", and she ran upstairs and got dressed into her white tshirt and black loose thigh length skirt and waved at us good bye and walked out of the door. I knew she was going to ajay for a good fuck.

"so it's just me and you now?" and he stood up and walked over to my sofa,"I have been waiting for this for a while", he sat next to me and I moved closer to him and said,"what if seema comes over", he kissed my neck and said,"she won't, she will be a while, she had told me earlier she would have to go away for a few hours", and I quickly moved on top of him with my legs on his side,"then I'm all yours", and we started to kiss passionatley. While kissing he started to run his hands all over my body feeling me up. He picked me up and we walked upstairs to his bedroom and he dropped me on his bed. He undid my pants button and pulled it off in one stroke to expose my shaven pussy."hmmm i have been craving for this pussy for a while", I spread my legs and removed my top revealing my 36c boobs and slim body and lay naked on the bed. He got up and took of his tshirt and pajamas and he was rock hard with his 9" dick waiting to penetrate my pussy, he slowly dug his face into my pussy and started to rub his toungue on the pussy and around the hole and was licking it really well, "aaah fuck baby, feels good, hmmmmm please don't stop" and I was getting wet as well so he could taste my pussy.

"you taste good" and I pulled his head into my pussy and he kept sucking, and I slowly got up and pulled him and kissed him. I turned around and made him lie down full hd xvideo download on the bed and I sat on top of him and facing his dick and my /pussy/ass-pussy/ass-and-pussy/">ass and pussy facing him, much like a 69 and I took his dick into my mouth. He was licking my pussy while I licked his dick and the feeling was amazing. I was stroking his dick and licking it like a /whore/">whore, I didn't know I was craving for his dick so much. I licked his balls and licked up his dick and we were lost in moans. He moved off my pussy and said,"come over here!" and I turned towards him and lay on top of him. I could feel his dick on my pussy tips, we kissed eachother and he started to fondle my boobs and pulled me a little higher to start sucking on my nipples. He put both his hands on my boobs and like a hungry animal was sucking each of them. I couldn't take it an longer so I got on top of him and guided his dick into my pussy. It was soo wet it just disappered in my pussy and his rock harddick was opening my pussy walls, "oooh baby your dick feels amazing in my pussy, fuck me baby", and jumping on his dick and my boobs were bouncing and vijay had lust and hunger in his eyes, he held my hips and started pumping me and we started moving together and I popped the question,"what if your wife was fucking someone right now?" and he stopped,"what?", I just smiled and said,"go on tell me" and was slowly moving up and down, "she can't", and I smiled and said,"why? You can fuck someone's wife but she can't fuck someone else?", and still moving he said,"do you know where she is?" and bent forward and said,"I can show you!" and he couldn't beleive what I was saying. I slowly got off him and he stood up and we put on a robe and asked him to follow me. We stepped out of the house and went towards my house and sneaked in from the back. I asked him to keep it quite, and we slowly walked up, he couldn't believe we were in my house and his wife was fucking someone else.

We walked upstairs and outside the room we peaked in and we could hear loud noises of seema and ajay and it was clear she was moaning and enjoyig herself. He peaked in and saw on my bed seema naked on her knee and hands and ajay fucking her from the back and her slim body with 36a boobs hanging and bouncing front and back. "that's my wife.. Oo o my god, I can't believe this, my wife and my best friend", he looked at me,"so what do you think you're doing? You're fucking you're /wife/friends-wife/best-friends-wife/">best friends wife as well!", he didn't say anything and turned towards them again and watched for a few minutes when I realized his dick standing like a rock hard pillar from the robe. I moved my hands into his robe and held his dick and moved my hands up and down on his shaft and whispered "you seem to like your wife like that don't you?", and he just nodded at me,"why don't you join her, she will love it", "are you kidding me? I can't join in!" and I moved closer to him and said,"you can fuck me in front of my husband and he can fuck your wife and trust me you will love it". He moved me on the side and walked right into the room. Ajay and seema both stopped and before ajay could say anything I walked in and went to him, he moved in front of seema and he pulled of his robe,"dude don't stop, you can bone my wife as long as I get a little of your wife too", ajay replied saying,"fuck her I don't mind I'm not finished with your wife either", seema smiled at vijay and took his dick into her mouth and started to suck it and lick it and was clearly enjoying the attention both the guys gave her. I stood next to ajay and removed my robe and slipped under seema to start sucking her hanging boobs and it was going to get better. We had finally broken the ice. Seema could freely /husband/husband-fuck/fuck-my-husband/">fuck my husband and I could do the same.

After a few minutes of sucking vijay pulled out and moved towards me and asked me to go on the same position but facing seema, as soon as I did before I could feel anything he shoved his dick into my pussy and I let out a huge moan and had a smile on my face."oooh fuck vijay /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder", and he was pounding my pussy and my husband was pounding seema's pussy. Me and seema were loving the attention and the fucking. After a while vijay layed down on the bed and asked me to get on top and seema moved on vijay's face to give him her pussy and ajay stood between me and seema and we both sucked on his dick. "honey your pussy tastes amazing.. Mmmmm yea baby", and we were so lost in sucking and i could taste seema's pussy on his dick. Seema would fondle his balls and suck his dick and i would do the same and then we shifted but this time ajay was lying down, dick inside seema and vijay standing between us and I could taste my pussy on his dick,"oooh baby you girls really suck well it's amazing". I was reaching a orgasam and started to move faster on ajay's mouth and he was keeping up on the pace and i let out a huge moan",ooooh fuck im cuming shit im coming feels sooo good", and suddenly seema also moaned but had her husbands dick in her mouth and just kept moaning. Me and seema must have had atleast 3 orgasams each and the guys still didn't have enough.

After 10mins they took the opposites wife and started to fuck them and seema shouted out saying,"honey he is gonna come inside me please let him come, please oooh fuck please", and vijay just said,"ajay cream my wife give her what you got", and ajay just started pumping her harder and harder and I could hear the thurst on her and she kept moaning and saying,"fuck me deeper harder please fuck aaaa fuck me yea", and I held vijay and said,"you're wife is loving a /fucking/good-fuck/">good fuck, let me have that dick deeper as well", and he started pounding me harder and said,"hey ajay your wife is asking for more, I wana cream her man", and he just said,"fuck her pussy but she has a tighter ass so keep some for that too", and vijay said,"that's gonna be round two", and he kept pounding and suddenly I felt a huge load of cum shot deep inside my pussy and I held the bedsheets and I couldn't beleive the force of the cum, I was shaken by the orgasam,"aaaah fuck I'm cuming too, yea I can feel that cum inside me, aaaaah yeaa", and he kept stroking me and suddenly I heard seema holding ajay and saying,"oooh fuck I'm cuming shit I'm coming", and free porn movies download ajay was shooting his load after load inside seema and I could tell by the way she was lifting her hip and pressing her pussy forward for more. After a few strokes they both took off their dicks and we lay naked with cum oozing out of our pussy.

"I didn't know you had it in you seema?", and he kissed her and she replied saying,"hmm I love it", and I got up to kiss ajay and said,"guys let's hit the /jacuzzi/">jacuzzi", and we all walked down to the jacuzzi and we stood it till it was warm enough to get in. For a while we soked and had small talk till I suddenly noticed vijay's /dick/dick-hard/">dick hard and ready for some more action,"ready for more are we?", and I smiled. I noticed ajay was getting harder as well just looking seema pulled me across the jacuzzi and kissed me very passionatley and was fondling my boobs while kissing me. I was feeling seema's ass and touching her waist and moved my hands in the water on her ass when vijay said,"give us a little of that", and we stopped kissing and Seema went to vijay and I went to ajay and we were lost in a few kisses when I jumped on top of ajay and dug his dick into my pussy,"that's not what we have in mind", and he just pulled me forward and applied a little gel on my ass and slowly suddenly i felt vijay behind me . He held his dick dug his dick into my ass, my hands just moved to my pussy and he started to move in an out of my ass, I was in heaven with two dicks inside me.

They were perfect in their movements ajay would suck on my boobs everytime I moved closer to him. I bent forward and whispered in ajay's ear,"thanks baby I'm loving a good fuck!" and he smiled and said,"anytime", and they kept fucking me when vijay said,"this ass is good ajay I'm loving it", and I was moaning like a whore and asking them to fuck me I was cuming closer to my earth shaking orgasam,"aaaah fuck me please harder guys fuck me like a whore please I'm gonna cum", and they started stroking me harder and I came like a /bitch/">bitch, i was so shaken I held ajay and couldn't move for a minute. They slowly took their dicks off me and I lay in the jacuzi and they moved to seema, she was craving for good fuck but this time vijay dug his dick into her pussy and ajay dug it in her ass, they were pounding her and seema said,"I wana cum a lot, you guys better fuck me hard", and ajay said,"you're wife's ass is tight", I told you vijay replied and the show was on, they moved in motion and seema was moaning and asking for more. Ajay wanted to use her to the tip he started fucking her harder and after 5mintues vijay took off his dick and ajay kept fucking seema, he moved to me and before I could say anything he turned me around like a whore and dug his dick back into my ass,"it's time for us to cum", and they started humping. "oooh seema you're hubby aaaa really is fucking me hard", yea so is yours she replied and both guys said we can't hold it any longer and they exploded in our ass, I could feel the hot shots in my ass and vijay after a few shots took his dick out and stuck it back in my pussy and dropped a few shots there,"oh yea baby" and she kissed ajay and was holding him for a while as she was so shaken. Vijay kissed me passionatly and they lay us in the jacuzzi with cum oozing out of our bodies. They washed up and stepped out, "something of an ice breaker", seema said and we lay there to relax our bodies,"oh tomorrow ajay's /sister/">sister is coming over for a few nights, you should meet her", seema laughed and said,"offcourse why not!" and we laughed....

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