Varsity Football Part 1

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Varsity Football Part 1

Knob View was known to the surrounding towns as ?Society Hill?. With its beautiful mountain views, long winters, 3 story high mansions, country clubs, and beautiful people, it was always the envy and talk of the newspaper columnists. But more than its views and more than the mansions, country clubs, and beautiful people, Knob View was known for its football team. Eight time all-conference Champions, and two- time 1A national champions. The team could beat anyone. Most of Knob Views citizens credited these victories to Coach Hayward, former assistant coach of the Sanfransisco 49?s. But in truth, every true football player knows that the coach can only do so much. And, while he helps the team, the players win the game. West Jefferson?s football players were considered to be the best in the state if not even in the nation. They were required to lift weights everyday, run at least 7 miles prior to practice, and swim 20 laps after practice. They also participated in the coach?s ?football classes?. A new form of after-school education for the football team. This gave them the advantage of strategy over other teams. All nineteen players were in top physical educational and mental condition.
As the summer was drawing to an end in Knob View and school would soon start Practices became more and more intense. Football season was just around the corner, even the leaves knew that as they changed from their usual green to the drier orange and read. Coach Hayward had been reading up on the techniques of the ancient Greeks, specifically the Spartans. Not because the team mascot was a Spartan but because the Spartans were known for their magnificent army. As he was reading along he came upon an interesting fact. He wasn?t sure what to make of it but it was interesting and he wondered if it worked as well as history had recorded it. The ancient Spartan army was away from the actual city of Sparta almost year round. Thus the men never had a chance to see their families, especially their wives. The men longed to return to their wives for what they thought only they could give them. The Generals and commanders saw this as a distraction from training and war, which could be deadly. So they instituted or really just encouraged their men to practice homosexuality. The men found that their wives or even females in general weren?t the only ones who could give great pleasure. Seeing that such pleasure could come from men the army at large participated in /gay/gay-sex/">gay sex and practically forgot about their wives. These were the first recorded acts of gay sex. 
Coach Hayward entered the locker room as the team was getting geared up for practice. He summoned his captains and quarterback. He shared his newly acquired information with them and told of the great effect it could have on the team and their performance. The captains and Quarterback all agreed that this could give them a major advantage. But what the coach didn?t know was that one of the two captains and the quarterback had together explored the realms of gay sex already. Both players? eyes lit up at the Coaches instructions to get the players into this new technique. Brad, the Quarterback, new some would be reluctant to give up a cheerleading pussy for a football jocks dick, but what the coach said is what the team did. 
After practice Brad and Seth, Seth being the curious captain, discussed how they would go about getting the guys to convert to this ?system?. They decided to start with the showers. After all, all the players showered off their tanned muscled bodies after practice and where better to turn them on than where they?re all nude. They would start with the ones they noticed had hard-ons and wondering eyes. 
Brad and Seth both stayed close in the showers checking out the guys as the water rushed over their smooth dark muscled bodies. Immediately Brad and Seth had picked out several with wondering eyes and stiffening cocks. To get their attention they merely winked at them and waited for the rest of the team to leave the showers. It had worked, those who had been winked at stayed behind pretending to continue to shower, wondering what lie in store for them. Brad and Seth were both respected by the team. And when the players heard what the coach wanted it was like their fantasies had come true. Brad and Seth had been right about Earlie, Nick and Bryan. So as Seth checked to make sure the coast was clear and the door was locked Bryan began explaining that they had to spread this to the whole team. When Seth got back he told them that it wasn?t hard to have gay sex, the /first-time/">first time hurts a little but it all soon turns to pleasure. ? Just act out your fantasies porn videos download and dreams, you know, the things you think about when your jerking off.? Brad said. All three shook their heads in agreement as their elongated cocks bobbed slightly up and down. The others judge that Brad was the largest of them all, at least 9 in. and thick too. Seth came in a close second to Brad only. The others had between 7 and 9 in. cocks but still Brad?s was the most beautiful and lust inspiring. All three recruits had awesome bodies but Nick?s was the nicest of the three. He and Brad ranked in the same category. Brad looked at Nick and offered his cock with another wink, Nick went to his knees in a snap and caressingly slid Brad?s beautiful cock in his mouth. Nick?s tongue encircled the cock again and again giving Brad the best feeling he had ever felt. When the others saw this their cocks hardened to full attention and looked to help. Seth went xxx behind Nick and told him to hold on as the sudden rush of pain flamed up in Nick?s /hole/ass-hole/">ass hole. Seth had slid his 8.7in. cock right into Nick?s ass hole without even much warning. The pain quickly subsided and enormous waves of pleasure washed over his entire body. Earlie straddled Nick?s stomach as they all lay down and offered his cock to Brads mouth seeing that Brad was being sucked he thought maybe he?d like to suck a little too. With Brad sucking Earlie and Nick sucking Brad while Seth butt fucked Nick Bryan was left standing, debating what he should do. He decided. He got into place behind Earlie who was being sucked away and slid his monster of a cock up Earlie?s ass. What was wonderful was that Bryan?s ass hole was in clear reaching distance of the /ass/ass-fucking/">ass fucking Seth?s tongue. They all moaned as the pleasure overwhelmed them. Brad was the first to shoot his load. What seemed like gallons of cum shot into Nick?s mouth, and to provoke the feeling Brad slid his cock in and out and in and out of Nick?s mouth. He sucked the last drop out of Brads dick and them moved to rim Brad, oozing his own cum all over his ass hole. Nick went back and started to jerk Seth who had been left rimming Bryan. Seth soon came all over Nick?s face and body. As Brad jerked and sucked Earlie he felt his cock twitch and knew that Earlie?s cum juice would soon be all over his face. Earlie felt it to and fucked Brad?s face harder and harder and then it happened Earlie and Bryan came at the same exact time. As Earlie?s cum left his throbbing cock Bryan?s cum entered Earlie?s smooth, now red, ass hole. It was the most amazing experience that Earlie had ever felt. As they all lay there exhausted but playing with each other?s cocks the coach came in and smiled at their progress. He told them to shower off and go home, their parents would be wondering where they were. After the showers Brad and Seth didn?t talk on the way home, they just smiled. It was going to be a good season. 

To be continued?