That Special Night

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That Special Night

This is mostly Fiction that's why it is in this category.

My names Nick (I use the same name for me in all of them) I'm 6'1", 152 pounds, athletically built and I'm a Sophmore in high school. Sam is in 8th grade, shes about 5'9" brown hair, some freckles on her face, white, 128 pounds, Mid C sized tits, and a rocking body. It was about Mid November and me and Sam met up and went to go get something to eat.

On the way there we didn't say much until she broke the silence.
"Hey did I tell you that i have a dance coming up /son/">son?" she asked me.
"Um, no not that i can think of why?"
"No reason, well it's not for a while so I still got some time to try and find a date."
"I know you'll find someone. I mean who could resist you?" I teased(we joke around alot so it's fine).
"Haha, very funny."

So when we got to the diner we got some food talked a little bit then i drover Sam home. All the way home she kept asking me of some people that she should ask to her dance i just said "Go with whatever you think is best" So i dropped her off at her house and went on with the next few weeks. But we didn't see much of each other those few weeks.
Until I got a phone call and it was Sam.

"Hello?" I said
"Nick is that you?" she asked and she seemed sad.
I sat up from my couch. "Sam are you ok?"
"Can you please just come over as soon as you can. Right now would be great." She sounded like she was either about to cry (im sure that was it) or she just got done crying.
"Yea I'll be over in like 10 minutes ok?"
"Yea that's fine just come in when u get here."
"Ok see you then."Then i /hung/">hung up and ran to get my keys.

I drove over to Sams house as fast as I could without getting a ticket or crashing. I parked my car in front of her house and ran to her door when i was about to knock when i remembered she said to just come in. I walked in and her parents said hi and asked.

"You here for Sam?"
"Yea she up in her room?"
"Yea go on up."
"Alright thanks."

I took off my shoes and then ran up the steps to her room. When i walked in i saw that she was on her bed laying on her stomach so I had a nice look at her ass. God was it so perfectly shaped. Tight but still a nice size. I stood there staring for a few seconds but then I snapped out of it and came to my senses.

"Sam are you ok?" I asked her.
"No I don't have a date for my dance and it's in like 3 days. What am I gonna do all my friends have dates but no not me. I knew it. I knew I was the /ugly/">ugly one of our group."
"No Sam your not. You look /gorgeous/">gorgeous."
"Nick I know this is kind of sudden but ummm...."she trailed off.
"Do you think YOU could take me to my dance? None of my friends know you and milf porn videos neither do the teachers. It will be fine."she smiled as she said this.

I just sat there looking dumb as all hell until I finally just stammered out the words.

"Um don't get me wrong Sam you look great but it's just that...We're friends Sam, and I just don't want this to stop that from going on."
"I understand but it's fine me and you are just going as friends but from my friends point of view we are dating. Don't worry I'll tell them that you go to a different school and that you're in 10th grade and all. But don't worry nothing will go wrong between us...I swear."
"Alright" I said under my breath. "I'll be your date for your dance Sam."

When I said this she just jumped up and squealed in glee. I smiled and she jumped into my arms and hugged me tightly. After that i drove home just picturing her ass and her body. But once i got home i took a cold shower to clear my head and then just went to bed. After a day or two she called me and told me the dance was at 8:00 p.m. and to pick her up around 7:30 so we could get there, introduce me, and get comfortable. I didn't refuse so when it was time for me to pick her up i got my wallet had my license and some cash in it for something to eat on the way home. So I got into my car and drove over to her house. I pulled up and honked once then stood outside of my car and waited for Sam. When she came out my jaw dropped. She was wearing a tight black dress that went down a little above her knees. This got me a little hard but not enough to be notice through my pants.

"You look...GREAT" I told her with a smile.

She just giggled and I opened her door for her and then I drove us to the dance. Once we got there we went in put down her purse, and I put my wallet into it. Then we walked where all the people were. So then Sam grabbed my arm and led me to where her friends were. Once we got there I noticed all of them had dates (as Sam told me) and all of them were around the same age.

"Hey guys, this is Nick. Nick these are my friends" Sam introduced us.
"Hey everyone." I shook hands with them all.
"So this is the Nick you've been talking about Sam?" Her friend Kaite said.
"Wait you guys know about me?" I asked confused.
"Sure do, Sam won't stop talking about you all this week and last week." Her other friend Ally said.
"Haha sorry I didn't tell you sooner about this Nick." Sam told me.

Then me and some of the other guys went to get some air when the girls went to the bathroom to do some of their makup...again. They weren't that tall, tallest was about 3 inches shorter than me maybe 4. None that athletically built but they had something, not much but some. We talked about some sports then about our dates. I just sat there and laughed every now and then. When one of them asked me a question i wasn't ready for.

"So Nick, what made it so Sam chose you? I mean me and like 4 other dudes tried to get her to come here and she shot us down for you. I mean don't get me wrong you're a great guy and all but she's beautiful." Jack asked me.(Katies date for the night.)
"Heh i was myself we were friends and then she asked me and i can't deny a friends request. I know it sounds dumb but that's just the type of guy I am."

After that we walked back into the dance to get our girls. When we got there they were sitting there in the corner laughing and Sam was in the middle telling them something I couldn't make out from here. So we walked over and the guys were a little confused to. Once we got there we all got next to our girls and then started talking again. When i had to ask the question all of us wanted to hear.

"So what were you ladies laughing about when we came back in?"
"Oh, hahaha, nothing we were just saying who could win in a race and all that fun stuff. You know showing off our boys." Sam told us.
"Well who did you guys say would win?" Ben asked.(Allys date.)
"We said that Nick might win cause he's in the highest grade but we couldn't decide who would win."

Then Ben and Jack both had to go on about how "Oh I'm the fastest dude in our division" and "Oh Yea but you can't run that long" and blah blah blah. I didn't join in I just sat there and laughed and smiled. Then a song came on that made all of the girls just smile and giggle a little bit. I could tell it was a slow dance just from how god damned slow it was. Then Same grabbed my hand and blowjob porn videos the other girls took their boys' hands and they led them to the floor. As Same led me I noticed her ass in her dress which got me a little bit hard but still not much to show. Then when we were at a good spot for her she stopped me and she put her arms around my shoulders, and I wrapped mine around her waist but not too low.

"Nick you're being really edgy tonight is something wrong?" She asked me.
"No nothings wrong it's just like I said I'm doing this for you. I'm not gonna go to far that it ruins us as friends Sam. I promise this"

After the dance I held her hands and looked her in the eyes and then we both did what I was wanting to avoid all night. We kissed... But this was a kiss that I won't ever soon forget. Our tongues slid into each others mouths, and I knew her friends were looking cause I could hear the girls "awwwww'ing" and I heard the guys whistling. But after a few seconds of the kiss I came back to my senses and just said.

"No no no no no no no NO!!" I said in a loud whisper. "I knew this would happen and that's why I didn't want to at first. I'm sorry Sam you're beautiful but I just can't do this right now. I-I need some air like now." I said and then i went outside and stood there for a few seconds when i heard Sam run out trying to find me.

"Nick, Nick where are you? There you are. Nick what's the matter? All the people in there think we broke up." She told me.
"No we didn't break up and we never went out ok? This is why I didn't want this. We were fine as friends and now this?" I said that and let it hang in the air for a few seconds.
"No Nick, I wasn't fine as friends, I like you Nick. Alot. I can't go back as just friends. I need you. I-I love you Nick..."

This just made me stop walking and made me look up at her. That's when I saw, she meant it. She really loved me, but I also saw that she had tears in her eyes. I couldn't stand this, I liked Sam but I just have felt closer to her lately. I loved Sam too, and i was sure of it. While she looked down and had some tears fall down her cheeks I stood up and walked to her and I put my hand under her chin and lifted her face up. She looked at me with tears still in her eyes. But then I moved in and kissed Sam deeply, and passionately. As we kissed i was able to look past her and her friends were sitting there watching us and I could tell they were crying. 'Cause I could see their eyes were beat red and they were sniffling. They knew i hadn't broken her heart, and I never will.

As we kissed I moved us to my car and once we were in I got in the drivers seat, and Sam sat in the back and kissed my neck and teased me. I drove for about 5 minutes and then stopped when we were in literally the middle of NOWHERE. Then I got out and put her on the hood of my car and undressed her. Then I took off my pants and boxers. Once I had all of my cock out we kissed a few more times then I readied myself. Once in position she said she's ready but to be gentle cause she's a virgin. Then I rammed my cock into her pussy and broke through her hymen and broke her virginity.

"OH MY GOD THAT HURTS!! PLEASE DON'T STOP I WANT YOU INSIDE OF ME!!" she yelled out in pure exstacy.

This made me go /crazy/">crazy and I started to play with her tits as I plowed her pussy. She moaned and bit her lower lip as I did this. Son her nipples were hard and juicy so I bit down on them and sucked them. She moaned even louder and said.

"Oh god I think I'm cumming!!" she screamed.
"Holy shit you're tight Sam. AHHH! I'm gonna cum!" I moaned out loud.

Then as I felt her cum slide over my cock I felt my load come out about 5-6 times. She shivered as she felt my cum fill her up. As we both sat there panting me still inside her she whispered into my ear.

"That felt great Nick, I hope now we can be more than just friends?"
"Of course," I said and then moved in and kissed her again then as I felt my cock get harder i flipped her around and fucked her doggy style. She moaned out in an orgasm about 4 or 5 times. But only twice did I ever cum inside her, once in her pussy and then once in her mouth. The other times I just came all over her back and her tits.

Sam was my first, her first, and possibly the most passionate of my sex life.

This story was supposed to appeal to the more passionate of readers. If you like a more of a FUCK FEST!! Then I will have more to come later most likely sooner than later. My next story will be less passionate and more of fucking.

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