Deeper and Deeper

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Deeper and Deeper

It all started one day when my close friend Bryan, and I were out fishing. Bryan was a striking lad about 6’2’’ and weighed about 180lbs, a stud in old waman xxxgx most peoples eyes and at the time we were both 18 years old. We fished for hours having a blast catching a few fish here and there but on this day I had a weird feeling about being around him, a feeling like I have never had before. The feeling was almost like I was afraid to be with him alone, but anyways Bryan and I had gotten tired so we both sat down on the bank with our lines in the water an began talking about potential female ’pieces of ass’ that went to our high school. We went through many names as we sat there on the riverbank and we finally got bored of that and started talking about different sexual positions that we had tried with our girlfriends and ex-girlfriends. 

After awhile we packed our stuff up and started on the long walk home, along the way we were still talking about our sexual experiences we had through out high school. I asked Bryan what he was doing later that day and he said he was free so I asked if he wanted to come over and watch the new DVD I had just bought. He told me that he would have to find out what was going on at his house but he would most likely be able to come over seeing as how he wanted to see the movie pretty /bad/">bad. We both went our separate ways to our houses and I put the fishing equipment away and went to my room, took a shower and shaved. I always had the urge to shave my pubic hair but I never was brave enough to go through with it, but this day was different I don’t know what was different but I decided to shave. I began to shave, at first I was going to leave a little heart shape in the hair, then I decided to just shave it bald after all I liked it when a girl shaved bald for me. 

After I got all the hair off from around my penis and I kept shaving lower and lower until I was almost to my brown /hole/love-hole/">love hole, I hesitated for a second and then I finally shaved all the hair from around it also, at this point I was bald from around my waist line to past my love hole. I got out of the shower and began to towel off when the phone rang. I was the only one in the house at the time so I just walked out of the shower naked and walked though the living room to get to the phone. I answered it and it was Bryan saying that he would be over in about 30 minutes. I then went back into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and combed my hair, I put on my favorite pair of jeans, you know the type with all the holes in them that has been your favorite since you had bought them 5 years ago, and slipped on a t-shirt.

About that time I heard the door bell ring it was Bryan so I motioned him to come in. We walked downstairs and I put the movie in and we sat there watching the movie for awhile and there were some dirty scenes in the movie, I was getting horny and my cock began to rise with pleasure. About an hour into the movie I looked over at him during one of the ’good’ scenes and he had his cock out stroking it! I was amazed at the shape of it, it was about 9’’ long and the head of this /gorgeous/">gorgeous thing was about 3’’ round and his shaft was long and super skinny. I didn’t let him know that I had seen him because I didn’t want him to stop I was watching him and to my /surprise/">surprise I was getting very turned on. I was staring at him when he looked over and caught me looking and he smiled, I blushed and told him I was sorry I didn’t know what had gotten into me, he said it was alright and he wondered if I ever jack off. I told him yeah all the time, he then told me to prove it, so I pulled my jeans down and let my boner fly, his jaw practically hit the floor, I grabbed my 8’’ throbber and began to go to town jacking my dick. He watched me and about that time I saw a shadow walking across the television screen, it was him walking towards me with his dick in hand. 

He sat beside me and asked me if I cared if he touched it and I said sure man just don’t hurt me. He slowly but surely slid his hand over my /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock, and began to squeeze a little and started to jack me. At this point I was in /ecstasy/">ecstasy his warm had sliding bokep sma pecah perawan over my penis head was killing me in pleasure. I laid my and closed my eyes as he jacked my love rod, about 5 minutes later I felt a warm sensation come over my penis, I looked down and Bryan was sucking my dick! I could not believe it I was loving every bit of it so wasn’t going to tell him to stop after all he must have wanted to do it or he wouldn’t have. Many thoughts were racing through my mind, I reach down and grasped his dick in my hand his cock was throbbing and felt much different than mine. I whispered into his ear, ’Bryan look up here I have something I want to tell you’ and he looked up right into my eyes. I grabbed his head around his ears and kissed his supple lips, I backed off to see if he was going to get mad at me, just then he leaned over towards me and our lips met again, this time I slipped some tongue and he lapped at my tongue like a rabid dog. Bryan was giving me a hand job as we kissed, I couldn’t take it any longer,’ I want you in me Bryan!’ what do you mean he asked, I mean I want you to /ass/ass-fucking/fuck-my-ass/">fuck my ass. He never hesitated and asked if I had a condom and some lube I told him where both were and he came back in the room about a minute later with the condom on and the lube in his hand.

He came over to me and put my legs up around his head and looked at my freshly shaven love hole, ’damn’ he exclaimed, you have a bald /asshole/">asshole, that is sexy as hell, I told him that I had just done it today for some reason it might have been fate. I told him to squirt some lube on the condom and rub some on my asshole. He began to rub the lube around my hole when one of his fingers slipped in; yeah man I want you to trade that for your /cock/hot-cock/">hot cock. He lifted my legs up and rested them on his muscular shoulders and pressed his cock head up to my asshole. With an excellent push I felt his head enter me, I grasped his thigh and yelled out his name, he then proceeded to slide about half the shaft into me and stopped. 

He told me to relax and be patient that he would eventually have his entire shaft in me. I grabbed is arm and pulled him down to kiss me about that time he slid about 3 more inches into me. Eventually he was fucking me like a wild animal deeper and deeper until it was in me to the hilt. All the pain had left and I was about to cum when Bryan pulled out with and audible popping sound and he jammed it back in another time, just then I heard him start to grunt and buck wildy I knew what was going to happen I felt his cock throb and throb until finally I felt his baby batter hit my insides like a tidal wave, just then I let my cum load fly it hit him on the chest and ran down back onto me. We both lay there for hours in my cum with his dick in my ass. He finally went limp and we pulled out, needless to say we had many other experiences after that and everyone was better than the last!