He wants me

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
He wants me

I could see him watching me stareing at me undressing me with his big beautiful eyes,i could tell he wanted me and could feel myself gettin wet, o couldnt beleve the feeling i got from just looking at him i wanted to come right then! our eyes where locked on each other suddenly it was time to go back to class! As i sat there in class thinking of him i could feel my nipples begin to stifffen i could also feel the dampness comeing from my knickers, suddenly the class room door went when i looked up he was stankding there, he asked for me and the /teacher/">teacher let me leave to go with him! He didnt speak to me but walked along beside me, suddenly he grabbed me and pulled me into a room, i couldnt beleve what was happening this was ma /first-time/">first time amd i was unsure if i wanted it to happen now i was /scared/">scared!

The room was small and dark he told me to sit on the desk when i did not move wwwxxx he pushed me over and sat me on it, he whispered "your my dirty little slut now and you better behave and do as i say" he treid to kiss me i moved away he grabed my face and kissed, he pushed in fingers deep i my mouth and hen spat inside, he spanked hid hand across my face and laughed! He odered me to stand ans strip, it was frezzing but i did as he asked takeing my shirt and top off, as i stood there freezing in just a bra, knikers and tights he addmired me, he forcefully pushed me on to the desk and started rippin at the crotch of my tighs heriped a hole and i could feel his cold hands slippin my damp panties to the side!

he told me he always wanted a dirty little slut like me and said he love the smell of my cunt he said he couldnt wait to suck it dry, as he swirled his tounge over my clit and rubed his wet fingers over my ass he told me to call him daddy! so i did i told "daddy im scared this is my first time" he told me "i cant wait to feel how tigh ure little cunt is am guna rip u and make u s scream, the wwwxxx uve been a /bad/">bad little /bitch/">bitch, he groaned as he licked inside of me suckin up all my juices.

he told me lay on the floor and he lowered himeself onto me he was push his /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock nto my mouth he was chocking me but he did not care, he pulled out and told me to lick his ass, he pushed his ring in my face and told ma to spread it and like it as i did so he groaned, i liked it i could feel every little detail suddennly he pushed e off and grabed my hips, i could feel something pushing into me, suddenly he forced it in i let out i screm he said "shut it you little slut daddy guna give you it hard" i could feel his throbbing cock banging in and out of me a shouted !"please no Please daddy stop" but he kept at it harder and faster he grebbed my hair and forced the tip of his cock into my tigh ass, i could feel it pulseing squiting cum right up my ass! he left the room tellin me he would be back . . . . . .