Long Sultry Summer

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Long Sultry Summer

Ive always considered myself to be a straight man, but that doesnt mean I havent indulged in sex with other men. In fact, Id been curious about it early on in my sexual history.

My /first-time/">first time came with my /friend/best-friend/">best friend in high school, John. He was a year older than me and it was the summer before my junior year, his senior. His parents were divorced and he lived with his mom, who was out of town on business most of the time. Two sexual teenaged boys and an empty house, of course, was a recipe for hijinks.

One afternoon that summer, the two of us were fooling around and smoking pot, just to pass the time. John suggested we go swimming in his pool.

"I dont have a suit with me," I said.

"Screw it, no ones around. We can skinny dip," John replied nonchalantly. And soon enough, we were doing just that, swimming naked in the pool and carrying on without a care in the world.

When we got out, John offered to put sunscreen on my back and I let him. We were sitting on a lounge-style lawn chair, still naked, as his hands ran all over my skin, me still feeling high and young and reckless. It felt good and I thought nothing of it. And then his right hand slipped down around my waist and began to stroke my cock.

I must have stiffened, because he stopped for a moment. "You dont like that?" he asked.

"No," I said. "That feels nice." I could feel myself getting harder in his hand, still wrapped around my young cock. He began stroking me again.

Like I said, Id been curious about sex with men from a young age. But that still didnt prepare me for what it would be like when the opportunity actually presented itself. He stroked me until I was fully hard, then slipped around in front of me and slipped my full dick into his mouth.

I gasped, grasping the side of the lounge chair, amazed at how good his mouth felt on me. He worked his tongue over every inch of my cock, whirling it around the head and up and down the shaft. When I climaxed, shooting my full load into his mouth, my entire body stiffened, overwhelmed with /ecstasy/">ecstasy, colors popping before my eyeballs.

It took me a moment to recover my breath and then he stood up in front of me. "Okay, now its your turn," John said. His cock was already hard and pulsing just before my face. It was large, a good 8" and thick. But now I suddenly felt embarrassed and confused. I told him I didnt think I could suck him too.

We both got dressed and neither of us said anything about it, but I couldnt stop thinking about what had happened between us. Later that night, I masturbated furiously, fantasizing about sucking his dick.

A few days later, we /hung/">hung out again, alone in his house. As he got up to go to the kitchen for a drink, I found the nerve to reach out and grab his crotch. He looked at me, somewhat astonished, but I just said, "Come here," pulling him towards me and unzipping his pants.

His dick was hardening rapidly as I pulled it free from his fly and I quickly slid it into my mouth, trying to mimic what he had done for me before and girls had done for me in the past. I couldnt help but get hard as his shaft slid over my lips, my tongue, farther and farther down my throat. I hadnt thought Id be able to take his whole cock, but to my /surprise/">surprise, my nose was quickly buried in his pubic hair. John was enjoying it, obviously, his hands clasped to my head, urging my farther and farther down his pole. I could feel his orgasm coming as his hands became more forceful on me, his body stiffened, and his nuts contracted as I massaged them, until he finally exploded in my mouth, a taste unlike anything Id ever experienced before. I kept sucking and swallowing until I knew he was spent, trying to get every drop out of him. When he was finally done, he fell backwards from me into a chair, panting in exhaustion. I was so turned on by what I had just done, my own hard-on was unbearable.

For the rest of that summer, we continued like that, satisfying each others sexual needs. And as we became more comfortable with our play, I began to realize that I liked sucking Johns cock and swallowing his come more than I did having him service me.

I also noticed that he was becoming interested in exploring other avenues. Often, as I was on my knees going down on him, he would run his fingers down my back and begin playing with my /asshole/">asshole, sometimes inserting a wet finger or two. It felt foreign at first, but it began to feel more pleasurable and exciting with time. Finally, he came right out and told me what he wanted.

"I want to fuck your ass."

Even though I knew it was coming, I was still at a loss for how to respond. "Let me think about it," I said. I didnt have to think long.

One evening shortly thereafter, John and I went out for ice cream together. I was feeling particularly frisky that night for some reason.

As we walked to Johns car in the darkened parking lot behind the ice cream store, I reached down and massaged his crotch through his shorts. I could feel his dick spring instantly to attention. He smiled, asking, "What are you doing?"

I laughed as I ran to his car. "Youll see," I said. When he caught up with me, I unzipped his pants, going to my knees and taking his cock into my mouth all in one motion. I had never done anything sexually in public and my body was racing with adrenaline and sexual charge as I sucked him hungrily, wanting so badly at that moment to taste his sperm in my mouth, dribbling down my tongue. John had other ideas, however.

Groaning loudly, he pulled me to my feet and began to undo my jeans, dropping them to my ankles before he turned me around and pushed me over the hood of his car. I reached behind me and grasped at his thighs, feeling the head of his rigid cock pushing between my waiting ass cheeks. The sound of an approaching car stopped us, though, and we dove into his car just moments before being caught.

As I pulled my jeans back up, John said to me, "I want you to suck me off the whole way home. Do that and Ill do whatever you want when we get there." I had long hair back then and figured if anyone somehow saw us, they would think I was a girl. Buckling my belt, I bent over in the seat and took him into my mouth, sucking my again with the passion I had begun with earlier.

I had never been so excited before as I was on that short alain lyle porn drive, knowing that anyone could look into the car and see what we were doing, knowing that I couldnt stop deep-throating John because to sit up in my seat would be to give it away. It made me suck him more hungrily than I ever had before.

When we finally reached his house and the garage door was closed behind us, he instructed me to undress. Not even thinking, I did what he said, my clothes left in a pile in the garage. I came into a darkened house, John waiting for me. He took me by the arm and led me to a nearby sofa, bending me over it. I felt him applying something cold to my asshole, heard him lubing himself up. I grasped the couch as he began to enter me, his hands holding strongly on to my hips.

Pain shot through my entire body as he got past the first inch or two of his cock, sliding farther into my rectum. I clenched my eyes shut, trying to withstand it, wanting this to happen so badly. But it was finally too much. I had to tell him to stop.

I could tell John was disappointed. I made it up to him by finishing my earlier blowjob, sucking him slowly now before he finally pulled out and came all over my face, using his still semi-/hard/hard-dick/">hard dick to wipe up his come and feed it into my mouth.

But I still wanted him in my ass, wanted him to fill me up, to come inside of me. I resolved that I would let him do it.

It happened a week later. It was the night before his mom would be returning from one of her business trips and we were making the most of it, cavorting around naked and smoking pot. I grabbed his cock at the first opportunity and began kissing it, stroking it, fondling it, sucking it. I licked his balls and massaged the shaft. And then I looked up at John, "I want to try it again."

This time we tried another position. John laid me down on the floor, pulling several pillows off the couch and placing them underneath my lower back. He lifted my legs up in the air and placed them over his shoulders. "Are you really ready for this?" he asked. I nodded.

He guided his well-lubed cock into my asshole and I could feel how hard he was for this. There was some small amount of pain this time, but it was eased by how much pleasure I gained from the feel of him in me. By the time he had his full eight inches inside of me, I was literally sweating from how good it felt. Once he knew I was comfortable, he began to rhythmically pump in and out of my ass.

Shortly, that wasnt good enough for me. I was in heaven having him inside of me and needed even more than he was giving. "/fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-harder/">fuck me harder," I breathed.

"What?" he asked, surprised at my voice.

"Fuck me harder," I said, my tone rising a notch. And John did, his cock pushing into me rectum with more force than before. My own dick was harder than it had ever been now, throbbing against my belly, radiating heat against my skin.

"Fuck me harder," I repeated. And again his pace picked up and my pleasure increased. But still, I was insatiable. I began screaming it, "Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder! Fuck me harder!"

And he did. indian santali xvideo Slamming into my young asshole at an ever growing pace. I just couldnt get enough of it. The louder I yelled, the harder he fucked me. I wished it could continue forever.

Grunting and screaming himself, John finally pulled out of me, shooting his semen all over my chest and belly before collapsing next to me. As he panted at my side, I vigorously stroked my own cock, quickly adding my own come to his all over my body. I rubbed the two together into my skin, still wild with passion.

We showered together that night, washing me clean of what we had done together, both of us too worn out to speak. Shortly thereafter, John had to go with his mother on one of her business trips, which ended up with an offer of relocation. He moved away after that and my experiences with men were curtailed for a number of years. But what followed in my older years is another story.