World’s first Urbex, Art, Post-apo and Geocaching Festival

AUG 31 – SEP 2, 2018

Festival in Kyiv with daily thematic tours to Chernobyl

News update - 20.07.2018 10:00

Introducing - THE PIT

In case you are still thinking about visiting the Chernobyling festival, this is the thing, that should persuade you. Imagine how it would all look like – the “anti-casino”, shooting range, bar or “The Circus”, all hidden underground with it’s unique post-apo atmosphere. Don’t miss it! 

News update - 21.04.2018 16:40

A festival In Chernobyl ?

We’re not joking! For the second time, the Chernobyling team brings you ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ tours to Chernobyl with experts, former liquidators and celebrities.


News update - 21.04.2018 16:30


New location for Chernobyling and The Pit in Kyiv, VDNG – pavilion 13

This year, our premises will teleport you straight to a post-apocalypse world with The Pit underground and an outside adrenaline playpark. Oh, did we mention, that this is a location with the same name as in Metro 2033?

--> World of no civilization
--> Chernobyl from the brighter side
Vlad Vozniuk - Experienced Stalker & Urbex specialist

"I’m really looking forward to unveil the truth about the hidden side of the Chernobyl zone. Seeing legal excursions in Chernobyl, I often wondered how different the experience might be between stalkers and tourists. I’m sure the regular visitors might be asking themselves the same question. And I’m happy to help them find out by sharing my own experience."

Aleksey Moskalenko - Chief-man of the zone in 1986

"I am glad that people are interested in these stories, and that the memory of it will not fade away. I’m happy to share it, so the memory of my colleagues, of the Chernobyl heroes will live on. People should know about them."

Thierry Vanhuysse - Fine Art Photographer from Belgium

"I am very excited to be invited to give a photography workshop in the zone. 
I lost my heart here on the first visit ... I enjoy to be here and "feel" what the zone is like and what makes it so special to me ... the feeling of "positive melancholy" touches me every time I get to visit it ... "

Claire Baker - Artist

I am unbelievably excited about this years Chernobyling festival, the programme looks to be even MORE compelling than last year! It is an addictive experience- come see for yourselves.

Anna Korolevska - Chernobyl museum director

"Chernobyl - that is the word we all would wish to forget. And yet, we should not. As that is a part of not only our past, but of our future too. We should know and remember, in order to avoid mistakes in the future. We shouldn't be just silent observers, but help to create a better history."

Alexandr Kupnyi - Former worker of ChNPP

I invite all curious seekers of knowledge and impressions to visit the Chernobyl zone and the atomic station! I will tell you about the origins of this place. I've been inside the Shelter and I know what's going on there. I'll tell you what the "Arka" is and why it was built. Join us - and you will learn something that you have not even imagine before.

Media about us

Let’s bring Chernobyl back to life!

Are you curious what a world without civilisation would look like? You can turn off your cell phone, forget about your society manners, touch the deep survival senses that are in each one of us, and spend 3 days that will change your life for good. Located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, for the first time, with a daily programme in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. A thrilling Kyiv venue filled with music, street art, workshops featured by the post-apocalyptic underground city “The Pit”, and daily tours to abandoned bunkers, military and historical buildings in or around Kyiv.

All festival profits are dedicated to help the Chernobyl babushkas and children affected by Chernobyl disaster in the city of Slavutych. Thank you, dear Stalker!

Get Ready For

The Pit

Street Art workshops and demonstrations led by international artists in Kyiv and Chernobyl
Adrenaline Activities
Shooting range and other adrenaline-fuelled activities
Concerts with rock, metal and pop bands from Ukraine, Slovakia and Chernobyl zone
UrbEx Tours
Underground and roof tours in Kyiv; WW2 and The Cold War daily
Underground dance floor with DJ music
The Pit
An underground city in a post-apocalyptic style known from the Mad Max movie

Thematic Tours

VIP Tours
Chernobyl Tours with VIP’s and Chernobyl heroes
New Chernobyl theme PC game to be introduced during the festival
Street Art in Kyiv and Chernobyl
Power Plant Tour
Inside the power plant with experts
New Geocaching challenges in Kyiv and Chernobyl
Tour helping Chernobyl babushkas and kids in Slavutych on SEP 3, 2018

Our Partners

Our Team

Claire Art Director
Eugene Vicious Art Curator
Dominik Chernobyl Adventures Tycoon
Kat International Team Coordinator
Mojsej Online Marketing Sniper
Jesus UX Mastermind
Martin Budget Bodyguard
Anastasia Music Scene Mastermind
Maja Children Programme Nanny
Tanja Charity Tour Sweetheart
Lena Programme Leader
Vladislav King of THE PIT
Yegor Volunteers Slavedriver

For a Stalker, going nowhere is a long way! Make it to the pavilion with ‘lucky’ number 13, located on the VDNG (Expocenter of Ukraine), Kyiv.

Line Up & Program

Friday, AUG 31 Kyiv
Chernobyl Zone* (Optional)
Saturday, SEP 1 Kyiv
Chernobyl Zone* (Optional)
Sunday, SEP 2 Kyiv
Chernobyl Zone* (Optional)
  • 07:30Chernobyl Zone Tour
  • 07:30Urbex Tour
  • 07:30 Art Tour
  • 07:30Charity Tour to Babushkas

Activity Lecture Event

The programme is subject to change based on the weather conditions and the administration of the zone.

*The program in the Chernobyl Zone is subject to the optionally purchasable “Chernobyl one day tour” tickets

Program Details

Urban Exploration from the very best! During this one day tour you will dive deep into derelict places and abandoned buildings, and enjoy the atmosphere of the past in the city of ghosts – Pripyat. Accompanied by Vlad Vozniuck, who knows the city and the zone by heart, will give you the most epic perspective on the Chernobyl zone and unveil its secrets! See places that tourists NEVER visit, learn how to clean water from open sources, how to hide from the police and stay safe in derelict houses.

Guide: Vlad Vozniuck, Stalker, founder of Another.Kiev
Safety: 3-4 microsieverts/day (4% of safe daily dose)
Language: English
Dates: only 2.9. (Sunday)!
Capacity: 15 people

Price 89€

A one day special tour to Chernobyl and power plant guided by one of the first people who entered the area and even under the old sarcophagus back in 1988. This is the nuclear power plant that changed the history of mankind, you will see: control room in reactor 2, underground shelter and control room, reactor cooling systems of unit 2, the ‘golden corridor’, new safe confinement info centre and construction site. Alexandr will also present pictures and videos from his visits in the most dangerous zones on this planet – like that of the famous “Elephant foot”.

Guide: Alexander Kupnyi, Scientist and author
Safety: 4-5 microsieverts/day (5% of safe daily dose)
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian
Dates: only 31.8. (Friday)!
Capacity: 15 people


Price 149€

This is an amazing opportunity to help curate and install an outdoors guerrilla art exhibition in the Chernobyl exclusion zone. And also see other examples of interesting street art in Pripyat, the ghost city.

Abandoned for 32 years, you can help bring new life (and spirit) to the zone and be a part of the biggest art event in the Chernobyl exclusion zone ever! This is the day that your artwork, created in the paste-up workshops in Kiev, will actually be situated in the Chernobyl zone!

Guide: Claire A. Baker, Artist (UK)
Safety: 3-4 microsieverts/day (4% of safe daily dose)
Language: English
Dates: only 2.9. (Sunday)!
Capacity: 15 people

Price 89€

The famous scientist and one of the few people who visited reactor #4 after the accident in person, Alexandr Kupnyj, will deliver a workshop on ways of preventing the Chernobyl accident. He will also tell his stories about going to the most radioactive places on this planet, even to the so-called ‘Elephant’s foot’. As an engineer who worked on 3 types of reactors, Alexandr will accompany you through the past and future of the Soviet-type reactors in the world of nuclear energy.

Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian
Duration: 90 minutes
Capacity: 200 people
Dates: Only 1.9. (Saturday), 15:00-16:30

Price FREE

We have planted tens of geocaches around the festival location. Unlike geocaches that are already in Kiev, you will find new, more thematic and educational ones. AND there are also some in the Chernobyl zone! If you take a tour, you will be among the first ones to log in. If this is still not enough for you, we prepared over 50 live geocaches in the city of Slavutych in 2017, plus there are hundreds more already located in Kiev. If you are a true Geocacher, Chernobyling will be the ‘harvest’ of a lifetime for you!

Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian
Locations: Kiev – VDNG, Slavutych city, Chernobyl zone
Limitations: Only registered Geocachers
Dates: DAILY

Price FREE

Wanna experience Fallout, Mad Max, Doomsday…. live? The Pit has an ultimate underground location in an artificial mine. It is the highlight of the festival and a breathtaking place for all visitors. Definitely the most post-apocalyptic scene in Europe – an edgy, thematically vivid space, filled with costumed people and everything you need for the post-apo life: Temple, Chillout Bar, Anti-Casino and more.

Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian
Codex: entrance only in a costume (can be borrowed at the location)
Limitations: Costume, full ticket entrance, ready to have fun in a post-apo way
Dates: DAILY – non stop

Price FREE

Although Chernobyling is a 6D experience, we are having a whole archive of 2D entertainment for you! Starting with old documentary and Soviet civil defence movies, through to Chernobyl documentaries and art movies. The cinema is located in the underground: The Pit – Chill Out Zone, so do not forget your costume and grab some snacks as well. The underground cinema is a great way to have a rest from the summer sun. The exact Chernobyling Cinema program will be presented on site.

Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian
Capacity: 50 people
Limitations: Costume (can be borrowed at the location), full ticket entrance
Dates: DAILY – 14.00-18.00

Price FREE

Light is the most common scarcity of a Stalker, thus we have ensured there is enough of it even at night. The light and fire shows will light up your eyes and emotions between the concerts on the stage. The ‘flying lantern’ ceremony is a memorial tradition of Chernobyling to commemorate the victims of the Chernobyl accident. You are very welcome to join!

Language: no languages needed
Date: Saturday evening/night

Price FREE

A mind blowing one-day time travel to Cold War times. The Missile Base near Pervomaysk is the only ex-nuclear missile base in the world open to public. Tens of bases like these are still in use in Russia. As a visitor you will not just feel the cold war atmosphere, but you will be the one who can ‘launch’ a nuclear rocket from the control room 45 meters underground. All the places you will see and try are just as they were left when the missile base was closed in 1999. Prepare yourself for many curiosities and shocking facts, such as why why the silos were covered in wax, how could they open and close in just 7 seconds, how could the officers in control room survive for 45 days, but also for the sad truth about why people working in Soviet strategic missile forces lived only 20-25 years after joining the army.

Guide: Segei Paliienko
Duration: 8.00-17.00
Language: English,Ukrainian, Russian
Dates: 31.8. (Friday) and 2.9. (Sunday)
Capacity: 10 people

Price 89€

An underground tour is an URBEX adventure during your stay at the festival. Guided by experienced guide this tour will open your eyes how to find something new in regular life. Uncover hidden, became an explorer and run active life in urban environment. The extra highlight is that you may also enter a long forgotten civil defence bunker where you will find artefacts and equipment, untouched since the Cold War era. This is a must-have tour while you are in Kiev!

Guide: Another.Kiev team
Duration: 4 hours
Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Dates: 1.9. (Saturday) and 2.9. (Sunday)
Capacity: 10 people

Price 39€

Ready to get scared? We have designed a brand new tour around the unfortunate places where people suffered. For example, the infamous Babi Yar, where one of the most terrible massacres of WW2 happened and up to 150,000 people were killed. A hill called Zamkova Hora is the place where Kiev castle stood, but now only the remains of a cloister graveyard remain. The Green Theatre, built on the foundations of the Kiev fortress with underground labyrinths. You will also visit Kosoi Caponier, where now the Kiev Fortress Museum is located, but before it was a prison from which condemned persons were taken to an execution yard. This dark place was located on Lysa Hora hill where, according to legends, the biggest assembly point of witches was. And, the final destination of the excursion? The Kiev Crematorium with its unique architecture.

Guide: Segei Paliienko
Duration: 8 hours
Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Dates: 1.9. (Saturday)
Capacity: 15 people

Price 59€

The Chernobyl museum with its unique atmosphere has become a favourite spot for tourists to visit. But nobody has ever visited it at night. You will have the chance to have a tour around the museum, its exhibitions outside and inside at night, which will add both darkness and romance to this very interesting place. You don’t need to be a scientist or a geek to have a museum tour at night… Adventures in the museum will never be repeated!

Guide: Anna Korolevska
Duration: 18.00-22.00
Language: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Dates: 31.8. (Friday)
Capacity: 15 people

Price 9€

Just what you’ve always dreamed of?! Driving the largest Soviet tank of the 20th century! THIS is the one and only chance to make it happen, on a real tank training range! 40 tons of Tank T-64 is waiting for you only 90 minutes away from the Chernobyling site in Kiev, with an instructor and 12 km of off-road track. Before the ride you will enjoy the instructions, history lesson and a bit of behind the scenes of the military training centre. This half-day tour will be definitely the moment of the year for you!

Duration: 7 hours (20-30 minutes with you behind the steering wheel)
Language: English
Dates: Daily 10.00-15.00
Capacity: Up to 10 people in one day

Price 399 €

Police, army or sniper? During Chernobyling, you will step into the shoes of the armed forces over the past 80 years. We have prepared five types of weaponry that you can shoot from: Glock 17 (handgun), Shotgun, Colt AR-15 (M16 type) and the famous AK-47 Kalashnikov. On top of that a special from WW2 – a snipe rifle Mosin Nagant! With safety measures, ear, eye protection and professional instruction on a certified shooting range you will be taught how to shoot all these weapons. For each you have 10 bullets and the option to buy more. Your certificate is your shot target!

Duration: 4-5 hours (1 hour shooting)
Language: English
Dates: Daily 10.00-15.00
Capacity: Up to 10 people in one day

Price 99 €

Are there mutants in Chernobyl? Yes or no? Find out for real by your own eyes and by the evidence from scientists. Learn about the hard facts as well as other nuclear accidents that were happening before or after Chernobyl around the globe, many being even more undercover than the most powerful one in Ukraine. This tour will give you the most comprehensive and science-based background of Chernobyl accident. Whether you are a journalist or a conspiracy fan, this tour will provide you with the most answers.

Guide: Scientist
Safety: 3-4 microsieverts/day (4% of safe daily dose)
Language: English, Russian
Dates: Only 1.9. (Saturday)!
Capacity: 15 people

Price 89 €

A lecture that will cause goosebumps to you when listening. A real person who was managing Pripyat evacuation the next day after the worst nuclear energy disasters of all times – Alexader Esaulov – will unveil shocking details about the moments after accident. He, as the deputy mayor of Pripyat, will ruin some myths and rumours, ready to answer any question, ready to back up his talk with pictures from the past that were never online. This firsthand experience of life in the showcase Soviet city, the accident with Pripyat evacuation, its aftermath and much more will definitely give you a new perspective on your Chernobyl knowledge.

Language: English/Russian/Ukrainian
Capacity: 50 people
Limitations: no
Dates: Friday 18.00-19.30 Main stage

Price FREE

We can not help everyone, but we can help someone! All profits from Chernobyling festival are dedicated to Chernobyl babushkas as well as children in the resettlers city of Slavutych. You are welcome to join the tour that will make a change in lives of dozens of Chernobyl babushkas and help improve the living conditions by simple manual work such as chopping the wood, fixing, cleaning…and even have a sincere talk with them so they do not feel alone. This tour is actually not a tour, is a lifechanging working day – for you and babushkas. Thank you for having the courage to make a change in Chernobyl zone!

Guide: Tatiana Bespalko, CHERNOBYLwel.come Happiness Relations Manager
Safety: 3-4 microsieverts/day (4% of safe daily dose)
Language: English
Dates: only 3.9. (Monday)!
Capacity: 15 people

Price FREE

We can not help everyone, but we can help someone! All profits from Chernobyling festival are dedicated to Chernobyl babushkas as well as children in the resettlers city of Slavutych. You are welcome to join the tour that will make a change in lives of hundreds of children which lives were affected by Chernobyl disaster. On the first day of school we have prepared an exciting programme that they will never forget. Wanna help with organising geocaching game, street art workshop or even olympic games? You are more than welcomed to be part of this great day and bring more sunlight into children’s lives.

Guide: Maria Koczova, CHERNOBYLwel.come Customer Happiness Magician
Safety: 3-4 microsieverts/day (4% of safe daily dose)
Language: English
Dates: only 3.9. (Monday)!
Capacity: 15 people

Price FREE


Pre-sale is available for all days, 1-day ticket sale - on the event.
Light ticket price is 100 UAH in all cases. Street zone is for free during whole festival.


Entrance to the exhibitions, sport activities, sign up for tours, merchandise and art


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Charity movement (SEP 3, 2018)

Stalkers always help the less lucky ones. Thanks to you, we are able to organise a charity movement that you can also sign up for. Help the Chernobyl babushkas directly – delivering products, medication, physically help around their houses, clean up the Chernobyl zone. At the same time delivering a great experience to the children of Slavutych for their first day of school – childrens programme.


8:00 departing Kyiv – 19:00 coming back to Kyiv


6:00 departing Kyiv – 18:00 coming back to Kyiv

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You are arrive to Kyiv via these options:

By Plane
Major airport Boryspil Boryspiľ GPS N:50.341896, E:30.894170
City airport Zhuliany Vulytsya Medova 2 GPS N:50.412369, E:30.443592
By Bus
Central Bus Kyiv Station Demiivska Square GPS N:50.406486, E:30.519904
By Train
Central Railway Station Kyiv Vokzalna St. 1 GPS N:50.440376, E:30.489646

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FIRE INN HOTEL (25 min by metro to the Location) Tarasivska St. 4 GPS N:50.440281, E:30.507778
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